Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Proposes a More Than 50% Cut to Arts and Culture Funding

Massachusetts State House. Photo by Flickr User Daniel Mennerich. Used under the Creative Commons License.

Being an artist in Boston can be at times, frustrating and infuriating. Every year we have to call our State Representatives and Senators and lobby them to not slash the arts and culture budget. After a long fight this year (and every year for that matter) to keep the arts and culture budget at $14 million in the State House and Senate for fiscal year 2017, on Friday, July 8, Republican Governor Charlie Baker issued a budget veto that would slash funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences through the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) by more than half. The veto would reduce that by $7.7 million, to $6.5 million. This is tragic.

Funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences through the Massachusetts Cultural Council is at risk of being slashed. You know what to do, please encourage your representative in the House and Senate to override Governor Charlie Baker’s veto. Click here to contact your Massachusetts Senate and State Representative.

H/T Mass Cultural Council (MCC)

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  1. Marty? The mayor is pushing the arts and the governor is slashing them. That’s coherent for our #1 city.

  2. Just emailed my rep. Told him that if I, an adjunct faculty, am emailing him about the arts budget instead of my minimum wage and no benefits, he’s got to know I mean it.

  3. Gail Flackett says:

    thank you for sending. I’ll send off note right away. He is having a field day with his cutting. Ga

  4. katrina1974 says:

    Contacted everyone that had an address available.

  5. Cary says:

    Art is work. Every work is the end of a long supply chain. Mr. Baker is out of his depth when he considers the economic future of the state with a diminished role for the arts. Every successful artist is a successful business person. He should at least respect their ability to succeed in a hostile environment. The Arts are a win for everyone involved. You can’t say that about manufacturing or service industry jobs.

  6. Eva Gilarde says:

    Governor Baker, making these cuts would be a very bad idea!!! It would diminish Massachusetts as a leader in education.

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