18 New York Museums Swap Instagram Accounts for One Day. Boston-area Museums Should Do This Next.

Museum Insta Swap Top Posts

The talk on social media today is not last night’s Iowa Caucus—but how 18 New York City museums have swapped Instagram accounts for one day—at least, as far as Museum Twitter goes that is. New York museums, who are always innovative when it comes to their social media presence, have swapped their Instagram accounts to explore each other’s collections and architecture. While a bit crazy, this project may in the long run show that a collaborative effort like the #museuminstaswap can open the doors to new audiences and promote a fun and positive public image. If anything, it definitely lets us know that it’s okay to let your guard down once in a while and have some fun while at it, promoting each other’s collections and work.

This can work in Boston, but first, many of the area’s museums need an Instagram account. Can you picture the Gardner Museum swapping Instagram accounts with Historic New England (I’ve just been told HNE is on Instagram, but only has one post. @HistoricNewEngland) or the Museum of Fine Arts swapping accounts with the Peabody Essex Museum? Or The West End Museum taking over the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum? I can. Bostonians almost never get to see museums in their city communicating with each other through their social media accounts, but an initiative like the #museuminstaswap, which originated in London last year, can change that.

Click on the #museuminstaswap link to see the participating museums.

I think we need to do this, Boston. 

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  1. What a brilliant idea! I’d love to see that happen. I follow a few different museums on Instagram, and this would introduce me to those I’m not already following, and probably inspire a visit or two.

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