Take Magazine | Get it On Film: The Artists and Collectives Who Are Keeping Analog Photography Alive

A handful of passionate artists, inventors and organizers in greater Boston are proving that the death of analog photography has been greatly exaggerated. The recently formed AgX Collective in Waltham, which is dedicated to photochemical filmmaking; CatLABS, a darkroom and vintage-camera resource in Boston that also publishes the art photography magazine PaperSafe; New55, a startup that has invented a new instant film for serious photographers; and artists such as Genesis Baez and Genevieve Carmel are part of the community that is keeping the art of “old school” photography and filmmaking alive and exciting.

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Cover Image: Genesis Báez, Barrio Calabazas, full moon over the baseball game. Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. Photographed 2014
Submersed in Atlantic Ocean water October 27, 2015- November 18, 2015

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