How to Build an Igloo

This winter we have more snow on the ground than we could possibly know what to do with it. The bad news is that it is only February, so I’m sure more snow is on the way.

With all this snow, and more on the way, I think we can all prepare ourselves by watching this short documentary on how to make an igloo. No joke, we may need these skills before Spring arrives considering that Mother Nature keeps covering us with her white blanket. A sense of humor is needed to get through this winter, so here are some videos I came across the other day.

The best thing about building an Igloo is that you don’t have to be an architect to build one.

You can watch the beautiful short film shot in 1949 by Douglas Wilkinson by clicking here: Sorry, somehow I can’t upload this to the post, but it is a classic film.

Since we have so much snow…

What about building the world’s largest igloo? We sure have a TON of snow for that!

I think we DEFINITELY can do this.

And this is cheating, unless he made those blocks from snow that was already on the ground which he then compacted in a box to from blocks.

I wish we could all quit you snow, please follow the link to Youtube! It’s worth it!

And tell me this didn’t make you smile:

When all else fails, just make a snowman or snow angels. I’m still trying to finf my snow angel photos, when I do, I’ll update this post.


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