31 in 31 of your Favorite Buildings in Boston: #27

King’s Chapel, 58 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108

Peter Harrison, 1749-1754

I was inspired to highlight 31 buildings in Boston in 31 days after the architecture blog A Daily Dose of Architecture . Not only was I going to highlight 31 buildings, but 31 of Bostonian’s favorite buildings. This is the series.

About King’s Chapel:

King’s Chapel is another building that everyone who goes on the Freedom Trail stops in to see its stark white interior. Based on James Gibbs’ St. Martin in the Fields in London, King’s Chapel is one of the city’s finest Georgian Style buildings.

Photo: Historic American Buildings Survey

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  1. Todd Larson says:

    A fine building indeed, especially the richness of its interior carving and its colonial intimacy. I should add that a spire was planned for the chapel, but lack of funds precluded its construction. Also, the stone chapel was built around an existing wooden chapel, and the old chapel’s wood was thrown out through the new stone chapel’s windows as construction progressed.

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