31 in 31 of Your Favorite Buildings in Boston: #16

Old City Hall, 45 School Street, Boston, MA 02108

Gridley J. Fox Bryant and Arthur Gilman, 1862-1865, Renovations: Anderson, Notter and Associates, 1969-1970

I was inspired to highlight 31 buildings in Boston in 31 days after the architecture blog A Daily Dose of Architecture . Not only was I going to highlight 31 buildings, but 31 of Bostonian’s favorite buildings. This is the series.

About Old City Hall:

If you’ve ever been on the Freedom Trail, you probably have a photograph of this building. Old City Hall is Boston’s finest French Second Empire structure and everyone who walks by stops to admire its beauty. Although the façade looks very much the same as it did when it first opened in the late 1860’s, its interiors have been dramatically altered. Most of the Boston area preservation non for profit organizations are located in this building which is very fitting, considered that this building was saved from demolition and re-used as modern office spaces. While looking at images of Old City Hall in the Historic American Buildings Survey catalog, I was astonished to see how opulent and decadent its interiors were. These images made me want to “turn back time” and experience the grandeur interiors that was once part of this building.

photo: Historic American Buildings Survey

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