Back to the Past: The Hamilton House

During my New Hampshire vacation, my friend (who hosted me for the week) and I took a drive to South Berwick, ME to visit yet another historic house!

This time, we traveled back to the 18th century to visit the Hamilton House, a National Historic Landmark built around 1785 by shipping merchant Jonathan Hamilton. One of the most striking features of this stunning Georgian house is the breathtaking views of the Salmon Falls River as well as its colorful period garden. 

To learn more about the Hamilton House which is owned by Historic New England and is open to the public for viewing click here.

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  1. Todd Larson says:

    A very handsome house with beautiful garden surroundings on a superlative riverside location — one I might enjoy visiting some time. I am, however, curious about the absence of the right-hand first-floor window, which upsets the facade’s classical symmetry. Do you know why no window was put there?

    1. Anulfo says:

      I’m not quite sure, my only guess is that this is part of the addition which was completed by 1900. I’ve added another image and you can see that at close inspection, the house is not as symmetrical as we may think it is. This makes it even more fascinating.

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