SOuth of WAshington Street – South End

SOWA Open Market

I love Boston in summer for its many outdoor events, including one of my favorites, the SOWA Vintage Market and the SOWA Open Market. The market opened this weekend at a new location just down the street from last year’s and it is better than ever. This year the market feels much more organized and with more sellers, but that could be my perception. 

Moving the SOWA Vintage Market to this new site gives people the chance to peruse the many art galleries and independent clothing and accessory shops in the Thayer Street area. Also, people can visit the many artists studios in the neighborhood during Open Studios or special art walks in summer. Had it not been for this move, it would’ve probably taken me an entire separate trip to see the excellent work  being done by creative artists in the city. 

I’m looking forward to the next many weekends the market will be open and hopefully find something different every time, including some gluten-free baked goods! I know there must be a bakery in Boston or its surrounding communities interested in selling their goods at the SOWA Open Market. I would love to see more vintage clothing or antique dealers this summer. It seemed to me that there were less vintage/antique dealers in comparison to last year’s market, but again that could be my perception. 

The SOWA Open Market is one of the many things that brings life to communities in Boston during the summer and it’s worth the time spent. It is conveniently accessible by the MBTA buses, the Silver Line, and it is only a short and pleasant walk  from the Green Line Copley Square Station and Orange Line Back Bay Station.

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