Change, Change, Change

Change is all over. The weather is changing. The cherry trees are blooming and people are out of hibernation. I love change especially if it involves shedding one’s skin and channeling positive inner thoughts. Everyone needs change and moments of self-reflection and this is exactly what I have done for the past two months. It has been a while since I last looked at this blog, but it will not be long before I start posting again. Exciting things are happening all over Boston and I am ready to immerse myself in the city.

The Portland Building by Michael Graves!

Exciting, best describes the things that have been blossoming in my life for the past two months. For Spring Break, I went on a weeklong trip to Portland, Oregon to visit great friends I had met while studying abroad five years ago in Valparaiso, Chile.  We reminisced of happy and crazy times traveling through the beautiful and inspiring country of Chile, meeting its people and learning of its culture. We ate delicious, organic food (very typical of Portland); drank some Chilean wine (Concha y Toro and Gato Negro) and made Jote, a Chilean concoction made with Coca Cola and wine. I was introduced to the Portland microbreweries and savored some delicious lavender ice cream and sinful chocolate desserts at Pix. Oh wait, before I forget, I had the best Venezuelan breakfast EVER, courtesy of my friend’s dad who is an excellent cook! Portland rocked my world!

Me inside one of Portland's amazing fountains. This one is the Ira Keller Fountain.

I went to my first ever Zumba class with an amazing instructor and let me tell you, I rocked it out! Well, not really, more like shaking my hips like Shakira! My friend says that Zumba teaches you to dance with your soul and it surely taught me to dance with mine! If anything, what I learned from this Zumba class is how tightly knit Portland as a community is!  I also attended my first hot yoga class. What an amazing experience. I loved it so much I signed up for a hot yoga class in Cambridge last week! I think I am addicted to hot yoga!

I was mesmerized with Portland the moment I stepped out of the airport and inhaled its fresh cool air!

One of Portland's many fountains, this one by Lawrence Halprin

I fell in love with the city just as Romeo fell in love with Juliet. Portland’s street style, attitude and way of life re-energized my senses and brought new perspectives into my life! I saw some excellent architecture, urban parks designed by internationally renowned landscape architects and also great contemporary art at the Portland Museum of Art. I also indulged in some great vintage shopping (I was in heaven) and brought home two pairs of sneakers (one can never have enough kicks), two awesome t-shirts at Ray’s Ragtime, a black and white knitted tie from the 1960’s at Magpie and an awesome leather jacket at the House of Vintage! I’m telling you, it was AWESOME!

Coming back to Boston felt strange, some things fell apart and others emerged in their place. I am in the process of moving to a beautiful neighborhood in Dorchester! It’s a perfect location, the perfect apartment and the perfect size closet! I know, what you are thinking, every boy NEEDS the perfect size closet!  

Finally, I will start a new blog which will focus on the people of Boston! Yes, I will keep this one, but the other blog will be a photo-documentary style blog. Want to know more? Well, you will have to stay tuned!

Auf Wiedersehe!

Oh yeah, I’m all caught up with Project Runway Season 7! Go Seth Aaron!!!!!

umm, Yeah!

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